Registration Information

I am very excited you are interested in taking Voice Lessons or Vocal Coaching with me. Due to the number of students requesting lessons and my already busy schedule you have a task to complete.

You need to record a video of yourself and upload it as unlisted on YouTube and submit the link below.

Your video should include the following:

  • Your Name
  • Your Age
  • A Brief History of Your Musical Experience
  • Are you Interested in Voice Lessons or Vocal Coaching
  • Sing 30-60 Seconds of a Song That You Feel Shows Off Your Voice
  • What You are Looking to Get From Studying with Me
  • What Your Availability For Sessions Is
  • For Vocal Coaching: Sing a Major Scale Acapella
  • For Vocal Coaching: What Prior Experience Do You Have with Anatomy-Based Vocal Methodology?

11 + 5 =